Cool discounts on samples and loops in December

December is a good time to buy new sample and loop packs. These online shops have some cool offers with great discounts:

  • Prime Loops has 50% Superproducer Sale with 50 percent discount on all sample packs. This web shop is reasonably priced and specialised in samples for dance producers. It’s not clear when this offer ends;
  • Zero-G gives a discount from 30 to 50 percent on a selection of their sample packs. This offer by these sample veterans ends on December 31st;
  • Soniccouture has the Christmas Sale with two special offers on their website. For newer sample packs they offer the Buy One Get Two. On the Soniccouture classic downloads they give 50 percent discount for each pack. Soniccouture produces samples of exotic instruments, including the Balinese Gamelan. This offer ends on December 31st;
  • Precisionsound has The Big Winter Sale with 50 percent discounts on all products until December 31st;
  • Propellerhead Software: Buy Three, Pay for Two: add three Record Drum Takes ReFills of your choice to your shopping cart, and you’ll only be charged for two of them. It’s not clear when this offer will end.

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