Korg Volca series – analogue synthesizers for the masses

Korg will soon release the MS-20 mini, one of the most spectacular (re)introductions of analog synthesizers in the recent years . This is already a direct hit, but the hardware manufacturer does not take a rest. Next summer Korg will also introduce the Volca series which include three synthesizers with a price tag of around 150 euro.

The Volca series consists of a bass synth, a drum machine and a lead synth. They are small, but the sound can be very large as you can hear while playing the video below. I have no idea if Korg has added any effects to the sounds, for example a compressor, but it is made clear that this small drum machine can sound very punchy.

In the video below, the Korg MS-20 mini is reviewed by the Japanese Music Track. At the beginning of the video you can hear the MS-20 mini in full action. At the end of this video the MS-20 Mini can be heard at work with a sequencer and synthesizer by Doepfer. Some impressive sounds!


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