Korg microKEY: compact usb powered midi keyboard

A while ago Korg introduced the nanoSERIES, three tiny usb midi controllers for the mobile notebook musician. There was a lot of criticism about the playability of the nanoKEY, the keyboard version of the nanoSERIES. Korg answers this criticism with the introduction of the microKEY for Windows and Mac OS. This keyboard may be bigger, but the playability will be much better than the nanoKEY.

The microKEY is an usb midi keyboard with 37 keys, a pitch bend and modulation wheel and two octave shift buttons. The keyboard is usb powered and contains two usb connections for other devices. With these connections the microKEY can function as an usb hub for other hardware like a controller or mouse. This feature could be most welcome when your notebook is equipped with only a few usb connections.

The playability will probably be good. The keys are the same as those found on the microKORG XL and microSTATION synthesizers. The microKEY will be shipped in about two months and costs around € 89.


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  1. Hey guys I’m using the KORG microkey midi controller. I’m trying to sync the modulation wheel of the midi keyboard to the LFO rate in Native Instruments Massive. I understand that you right click on the rate nob and click midi learn, then move the wheel and they are synced. In my case they arn’t syncing and the green unmetred light is flasing and I dont know why, does anyone have any insight into this problem I imagine there would be some setting or driver issue possibly but everything else seems to work

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