Korg and Moog introduce new analog synthesizers

Korg Mini MS-20

The old analog synthesizers from the seventies and eighties found on Ebay can be stored on the attic again to catch some more dust. The market is flooded with modern alternatives, analog is back again. Korg and Moog both have announced new analog synthesizers that are just affordable and easily connected to the computer via USB. Korg will soon release a new mini-version of the MS-20 and Moog has announced the Sub Phatty. Both are monophonic.

Moog Sub Phatty

The Moog Sub Phatty builds further on the Little Phatty synthesizer. The big difference in comparison to the Little Phatty are an additional square wave sub oscillator and many more rotary buttons. With the sub oscillator extra thick sounds are possible. The distortion can be much more heavy. The synthesis parameters are directly accessible without having to click through menus. It also has an audio input. The Sub Phatty has 25 keys and only 16 presets, but it comes with a software editor (standalone / plug-in). The retail price for the Sub Phatty Moog is $ 1,100.


In the video below, the Sub Phatty is introduced by the online shop Sweetwater. From about 4 minutes the famous thick Moog sound is demonstrated:

Korg Mini MS-20

The Korg Mini MS-20 (see the image at the top of this article) is based on the famous MS-20 analog synthesizer. This semi-modular synthesizer has the same circuit as the MS-20 with two VCOs, 2 VCAs, 2 VCFs, 2 envelope generators and an LFO. It can be patched with the (smaller) 1/8 “cables. With the patch cables, the various parameters of the synthesizer can be connected to each other. You can play it with the included mini-keys, but you can also play it with another keyboard via the MIDI input. Given the retail price of 600 euros this could be a huge hit.

Update: This wíll be a huge hit. Korg shows the MS-20 Mini on the NAMM 2013. Some video’s are on YouTube now:

Introduction video by Korg:

Another one by Korg:

Video by Future Music on the NAMM 2013:


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