iPad on a stand: iKlip or iPad Music Stand

IK Multimedia iKlipDo you have digital sheet music on your iPad, or would you like to do live performances with this tablet PC? With the iKlip or iPad Music Stand you place the iPad on a stand for hands free live performances. Provided you’re the proud owner of the first version of the iPad. The iPad 2 versions are expected later this year.

If you have a sturdy mic stand that does not easily fall down, the IK Multimedia iKlip could be the perfect solution. The iKlip is a lightweight clip that you can attach to your standard. You place the iPad in the clip. The iKlip costs € 27 at Bax-Shop.nl. Note: the iKlip is currently not compatible with the iPad 2. IK Multimedia says it works on an iPad 2 compatible version.

If you need a firm stand especially for the iPad, then take a look at the Brandsen iPad Music Stand. This iPad stand looks sturdy and is adjustable in height for sitting or standing during performances. The iPad Music Stand costs €129 and comes with a suitcase for easy transport to your gigs.

That sounds great, but what about the iPad 2 compatibility? We ask Mr. Brandsen, Director of Brandsen Support Systems. “No, this is only for the iPad. The next series is for iPad 2. This will probably be available at the end of May”, says Mr. Brandsen.


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