impOSCar for sale until November 21st

GForce Software has reduced the price for impOSCar to €39, a 60 percent reduction on normal price. After buying this classic vst synthesizer you can get a €29 euro discount on the long expected successor impOSCar 2, which was announced and demonstrated by GForce almost two years ago on the NAMM 2009.

Among vst instrument lovers impOSCar is a favorite synth for years. The emulation of the classic British OSCar synthesizer was released at the end of 2003. Despite its age, impOSCar sounds great. You can make nice leads, juicy basses, interesting drones and beautiful pads with this synthesizer.

An additional advantage of impOSCar is the low cpu usage on modern computers. You can easily use a few instances of the plugin in your tracks, without any computer performance problems. So it’s highly recommended!

The discount is valid until November 21st on the GForce website. You can get the discount by typing THE_IMP_DISCOUNT in the coupon code field when it comes to check out.

Buyers of impOSCar get a €29 discount on impOSCar 2, which may be released soon.


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