impOSCar 2 released for Mac, Windows version will follow soon

It has been a couple of years before the first video of impOSCar 2 appeared on the internet, but finally it has arrived. GForce has released impOSCar 2 for the Mac. The Windows version of this VST plug-in will appear shortly.

The first version of impOSCar is an emulation of the OSCar hardware synthesizer. The plug-in is characterized by a juicy, warm sound. Over the years it has become a favorite among fans of VST instruments. With impOSCar 2 a new unison effect arrives on board for a fuller sound. Of course this will also involve a higher CPU usage compared to the old impOSCar. There are also many other improvements, including a new patch management system.

In the following video you can see and hear impOSCar 2:

impOSCar 2 costs € 139 excluding VAT. There are also upgrade options for users of the first version of this plug-in.

Via: KVR


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