Image-Line releases FL Studio 10

NewtoneImage Line has launched FL Studio 10. Besides a large number of improvements to existing units, the sequencer now has tools for pitch correction and creating harmonies with Newton and Pitcher. You need to pay extra for these tools, but the Pay What You Want-offer does not make it necessarily expensive.

The outside and inside of FL Studio 10 has substantially addressed. The mixer is much bigger now. You can see the waveforms for each track passing by during playback. For lovers of large sample libraries, e.g. Kontakt, there is good news. The sequencer now has a wrapper for 64-bit plug-ins. With this wrapper sampled instruments up to a size of 192 gigabytes can be loaded. Of course your Windows system must be 64-bits in order to use this feature.

There are also a couple of other new features that has long been commonplace for competitors. Very useful is the Auto Save feature, which lets FL Studio save projects automatically at time intervals. The much requested plug-in delay compensation (PDC) is finally added to the sequencer.

A complete overview of all the improvements are found on the website of Image Line. If you’re not yet a customer of Image-Line, you can get a 10 percent discount on products from the Belgian software maker via Maak Digitale Muziek. This discount is not only valid for FL Studio, but also for other products like the VST instruments and effects.


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