Image-Line announces FL Studio Mobile for iOS

FL Studio MobileOne of the popular sequencers is coming to iOS. Image-Line has opened a web page on which FL Studio Mobile is announced for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The first screenshots show graphical similarities with FL Studio for PC. The mobile version will not be as full featured as the pc version (of course), but Image-Line promises full integration with its big brother.

With the full integration you can play and make recordings with FL Studio Mobile while travelling and finish the song at home in FL Studio for pc. It sounds very cool indeed. Unfortunately there is not yet a demo available.

The key features of FL Studio Mobile:

  • Save projects and load in FL Studio personal computer edition;
  • Photorealistic dynamically configurable 85-key keyboard;
  • Instant positioning via the slide gesture and resize with the pinch gesture
  • 90 studio-recorded instruments (16bit 44.1kHz sampled from real instruments)
  • 40 free instruments, 50 available in the in-app shop
  • 4 categories: classic, band, electronic, world
  • Release and attack time configurable per instrument
  • Sustain samples • Pitch bend via accelerometer
  • Low-latency, highly optimized, high-polyphony, battery saving audio engine
  • 100 beats (drum loops)
  • 5 real-time effects with lots of parameters
  • 3 high-quality reverb algorithms, delay, 3-band equalizer, amplifier, filter
  • 128-track sequencer • Beat & metronome settings (tempo, signature)
  • Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment
  • Edit whole tracks or bars, down to individual notes:
  • Draw, quantize, transpose, repeat, move, length, velocity, etc.
  • MIDI import and export
  • Save and load your songs and export to wave
  • Wi-Fi and iTunes file transfer with your Mac/PC
  • Songs and MIDI files can be opened directly from Safari and Mail
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Detailed in-app help
  • Play or record 2 different instruments at the same time with 2 keyboard rows
  • Key labels (Cs only, all keys, all keys colored)
  • iPhone 4 Retina Display supported
  • Compatible with: Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, Akai SynthStation 25, CoreMIDI

Update: Image-Line has deleted the information mentioned above. Obviously it was not ready for publication yet. So the key features can change, but will nonetheless be quite a good indication of what FL Studio Mobile has to offer.


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4 Responses to Image-Line announces FL Studio Mobile for iOS

  1. louis says:

    Voor de lezers, het gaat om een door een externe bedrijf ontworpen applicatie die toevallig goedgekeurd is door image line.
    Voor de duidelijkheid, dit is niet een uitgeklede versie van fl studio, maar gewoon een heel nieuwe app die toevallig flp bestanden kan laden en opslaan.

    Waarom kan FL studio zelf niet op mac??
    omdat deze in een programeertaal is geschreven die helaas niet door Mac os gelezen kan worden.
    Peace out!!

  2. Ruud de Graaff says:

    @louis: Bedankt voor je reactie. Het maakt mij op zich niet uit wie de app ontwikkelt. Ik ben vooral benieuwd hoe deze zal uitpakken. Het lijkt mij erg cool om onderweg muziek te maken op de iPad en deze daarna in de homestudio verder uit te werken.

  3. FL Studio Mobile 1.1 now has support for AudioCopy & allows you to load your own samples & instruments :


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