Geforce Software releases Re-Tron for Reason


Geforce Software has launched Re-Tron, a new Rack Extentions plugin for Reason 6.5. Re-Tron is a sample-based synthesizer with the sound (and some limitations) of the famous Mellotron. Geforce also has a more expensive, extensive VST version of this plug-in: the M-Tron Pro.

Re-Tron is a must for Reason users, it sounds great. The introductory price is € 59, probably later this will be € 99.

The Re-Tron has 25 tape banks that you can combine:

Cello, Choir (8 Voice Mixed), Church Organ, Clarinet, Combined Choir, Electric Guitar, Female Choir, Flute, French Horn, GC3 Brass, Glock & Bells, Lowrey & Leslie, M300B Violins, M400 Vibes, Male Choir, Mandolin, Miller Brass, Orchestra, Piano, Pump Organ, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Violins, Wineglass, Woodwind.

Re-Tron is introduced in the following video:


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