DSI Mopho VSTi Editor released for Windows

Mopho VSTi EditorThe DSI Mopho is a great sounding analog synthesizer, but the limited number of buttons on the casing makes it somewhat cumbersome to program. If what you want to dive deeper into this synthesizer than tweaking the cutoff and resonance of the presets, then you rely on the corresponding Mopho Editor by Sound Tower. This editor does not work without bugs and is also not available as VST plug-in for DAWs. It is unfortunate that Dave Smith Instruments doesn’t have a solution for these problems, because the Mopho deserves way better.

Matti Kotala of MKDR has developed a solution himself with the DSI Mopho VSTi Editor for Windows. This VST plug-in costs only 10 euros and is very user friendly. Of course you can use the DSI Mopho VSTi Editor directly for programming your own sounds, but you can also choose a preset on the Mopho and tweak it to your own taste in the VSTi Editor. The VSTi Editor’s parameters are fully automatable in your sequencer.

Currently the graphical user interface (GUI) is quite large, so it is only usable on screens with higher resolutions. So check the demo, also to see if it works with your sequencer. MKDR hopes soon to release the VSTi Editor with a smaller GUI for laptop users.


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