Diversion: VST synthesizer appears out of nowhere

DiversionSuddenly Diversion appears out of nowhere. This powerful VST synthesizer by the Belarusian Dmitry Sches has four oscillators, two filters with distortion, four LFOs, ADSR Envelopes and MSEGs, a modulation matrix and a wide range of effects. All modules are housed in one screen, so you can find all functions in a single glance.

The presets show that this synthesizer is capable to reflect a wide variety of sounds. The presets are made by Dmitry Sches himself, who proves to be a talented sound designer. He also has made an excellent soundset for the Zebra 2 synthesizer by U-he, which was well received ​​by fans.

You need a powerful CPU to run this synthesizer, otherwise you will often need to use the freeze function of your digital audio workstation. Here you can listen to an audio demo of Diversion:

Diversion is now available for Windows 32-bit, a Mac version and a 64-bit version will follow. Diversion costs $ 200 (€139) excluding VAT. Currently its delivered at the introductory price of $ 150 (€104) excluding VAT. More information and a demo is available on the website of Diversion.


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