Charlatan: free virtual analog synth with great sound

CharlatanOn the KVR Audio website, forum member Karrikuh has announced his synthesizer Charlatan. The developer has worked two years on this VST plug-in for Windows work and gives it away for free. But that does not mean that it is a bad product. On the contrary!

Karrikuh has tried to build a virtual analog instrument. The interface is nice and kept simple, without any fuss, so it is easy to understand.

A disadvantage of this synth is the lack of an internal preset browser. Therefore you rely on the possibilities of your VST host. For example this works fine in Reaper, but in Ableton Live this doesn’t work that great. In Live you can load preset after preset, but unfortunately you can not browse through them. Update: the latest beta version of Charlatan includes support for VST banks, preset browsing in Ableton Live works fine now.

Although Charlatan plays mono only and has no effects on board, it sounds great. You have to add the effects yourself, but that’s no problem because every digital audio workstation (DAW) has the default effects like the distortion, delay, reverb and chorus on board. Otherwise you still have the option to use a few good freeware plug-ins.

Charlatan is still in the beta stage. The developer does not yet have his own website and possibly the name – this is being suggested Berserk at the moment- and the color scheme of the synthesizer might be changed. But the fact remains that Charlatan could soon be one of the favorite free VST synthesizers.


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