Celemony releases ARA for Melodyne – improved DAW integration

Celemony has launched ARA for Melodyne. ARA (Random Access Audio) is designed to improve the integration of the pitch correction software in digital audio workstations (DAW).

In earlier versions Melodyne had to analyse the audio before it could make pitch corrections. Direct audio editing was not possible because the exchange of data with the DAW was not optimized, says Celemony. With ARA, Melodyne can exchange all information needed directly within the DAW. Data analysis of audio before pitch correction is not needed anymore.

The recently launched PreSonus Studio One 2 is the first DAW that supports ARA. According to Celemony other DAWs will eventually support ARA, but the software company does not say which are included.

The video below shows how ARA works in Studio One 2:


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