Camel Audio announces 50% sound library discount until July 4th

Alchemy Sound LibrariesAlchemy synth lovers can now take their chances on new sounds by Camel Audio. Until July 4th Camel Audio gives 50 percent discount on any Alchemy Sound Library. Prices are from € 14, Camel Audio says.

The Sound Libraries offer something for everyone, see also our review of Electronic Bass.

If you want to purchase Alchemy plus all 18 sound libraries available, you can now get a $ 100 discount on the Alchemy Complete Bundle. It costs € 629.

Below is the full announcement by Camel Audio:

Camel Audio is offering a 50% discount on any Alchemy Sound
Library until the 4th of July. Get inspired by one of their
recent releases such as Steamworx, Arp Dimensions or
Dubstep. Prices start from just 17USD / 14EUR / 12GBP.
What’s more, additional libraries qualify for a 20%

Alchemy Sound Libraries are compatible with the recently
released Alchemy Player 1.20 which is now completely free.
Alchemy Sounds offer numerous advantages over conventional
sample libraries such as eight remix pad variations per
sound and performance controls which make them easy to tweak to fit your music.

To take advantage of this offer create a user account on the
Camel Audio website, or if you’re an existing customer
simply log in.  Visit the Camel Audio site to get inspiring
sounds at an unbeatable price.

Camel Audio has also announced a 100USD price reduction for the Alchemy Complete Bundle.  Alchemy Complete comprises Alchemy and all 18 Sound Libraries – a grand total of 3300 stunning presets with over 8.5GB of samples for just 749USD/ 629EUR / 549GBP, a saving of over 430USD off buying the products separately.

Camel Audio


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