Camel Audio releases two new sound libraries for Alchemy

Arp Dimensions en Dubstep voor AlchemyWhile we reviewed Alchemy Electronic Bass, Camel Audio launched two fresh sound libraries for Alchemy and Alchemy Player. Both sound libraries use the remixpad, so each preset potentially has until eight different sounds available.

The sound library Arp Dimensions (€49) has 150 presets with cascading melodies, pulsating soundscapes en layered riffs. This sound library is made by the sound designers biomechanoid, Gareth L Devlin, Andre Ettema, Himalaya, Christian Kjeldsen, Luftrum, Corin Neff, Stephan Romer, Chris Sciurba, Adam Szabo, Tasmodia, Martin Walker and Yuroun. Arp Dimensions is focused on the ambient, dance and electronica producer. The patches are divided in the categories Ambient (30); Arps (14); Bass (9); Classic (35); Dance (30); Layered (18); and Percussive (14). Many patches have a dedicated control for switching between multiple arpeggiated patterns.

The second sound library Dubstep (€29) contains 75 wobbly basses, soundscapes, drum kits, pads, glitch effects and deep sub basses. The name of this package reveals that this sound library is aimed at the Dubstep producer. The patches and sampled content are made by the sound designers Andre Ettema, biomechanoid, Gareth L Devlin, Himalaya, Christian Kjeldsen, Bryan Lee, Stephan Romer and Yuroun. The sounds are divided into the categories Bass (5 Distorted, 6 Sweep, 4 Sub, en 25 Wobble); Drums (4); Sound Effects (11); Soundscapes (12) and Synth (8).


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