Apple releases iLife ’11 – new features for GarageBand

Apple has released iLife ’11 for Mac. The package brings new versions of iMovie, iPhoto and the sequencer GarageBand. The new features for GarageBand are Flex Time, Groove Matching and new simulations of guitar amps and stompboxes.

Flex Time and Groove Matching are two powerful tools that help you improve the rhythm and feel of your recordings, Apple promises. Flex Time is a tool for the timing correction of one track which doesn’t sync with the rest of the recordings. You can change the timing easily by dragging and dropping the appropriate wave recording.

When all of the recordings are out of sync you can use the Groove Matching tool. With Groove Matching you select one Groove Track. The rest of the tracks will play according to the timing of the selected Groove Track

GarageBand has 7 new guitar amps and 5 new stompbox effects. You can combine them together to create the desired guitar sound.

Beginners might welcome the function How Did I Play and the new guitar and piano lessons. How Did I Play allows you to record your own keyboard playing. After that you can analyse what went good and wrong.

Apple iLife ’11 will be installed on every new Mac. Upgrades cost €49 in Europe or $49 in the USA.


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