launches Tyrell Nexus 6 synthesizer: free VST plug-in by U-he

Tyrell Nexus 6A while ago the online magazine asked its readers to their ultimate synthesizer. The result of this reader survey, the Tyrell synthesizer, was presented last November. The online magazine is now trying to interest hardware manufacturers to make a hardware version of this synthesizer.

The software version is already finished and launched under the name Tyrell Nexus 6. It is made ​​by U-he, one of today’s best VST plug-in makers.

The free VST plug-in has two oscillators, two envelopes, two LFOs and a simple modulation matrix. All parameters are arranged on one screen. The synthesizer has over 500 (!) excellent preset sounds, including ones by the talented sound designer Howard Scarr who is also responsible for the factory sounds of the fabulous Zebra 2.5.

Tyrell Nexus 6 sounds great, although there are no built-in effects. So you have to add a delay, chorus or reverb yourself when needed. But you will find these effects in any modern sequencer.

Tyrell Nexus 6 is available via


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