Akai SynthStation49: big midi keyboard for iPad and PC

Akai introduces the multi functional SynthStation49 midi keyboard for iPad. This keyboard is not so portable, but the with the big knobs and keys it could be a pleasure to play with. The SynthStation49 is for home musicians or artists who likes to do live performances with the iPad. And you can connect it to your computer too.

Most of the time Akai’s midi keyboards get good critics, so the playability of the SynthStation49 should be ok. The keyboard is touch sensitive and has 49 keys, 9 MPC style drum pads, pitch and modulation wheels and a couple of knobs for controlling sequencer software. The usb and midi connections allow you to use it with PC or Mac. The SynthStation49 has a build in soundcard with ¼” TRS stereo-outputs and a headphone output.

The keyboard has a dock for iPad placement and connection. The SynthStation is build for Akai’s SynthStation app, but the recent introduction of midi functionality by Apple (iOS CoreMIDI) makes it possible to play apps of other music software makers.

The price is not yet available. For more information about SynthStation49 visit the Akai website.

Via: Create Digital Music


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