Ableton Live producers masterclass at Studio 80 on May 26th

TWSTd Producers MasterclassOn May 26th Studio 80 organizes the TWSTD Producers Masterclass in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The masterclass is aimed at both beginners and advanced Ableton Live users. The event is organized in collaboration with TWSTd, Ableton, Pyntago and Media Satellite.

During the first part of the evening Max Coppens and Michel Sanchez-Infante explain the theory and practice of sidechaining in Ableton Live. Michel Sanchez-Infante (Minz) is Ableton Certified Trainer. Max Coppens is a member of the duo Specker, and plays live at Amsterdam United and Awakenings Festival.

The second part of the evening Julien Chaptal will discuss his experiences in the studio and during live performances. He shows what plug-ins he uses and how he builds up tracks. Julien Chaptal acts both as solo artist and as part of Amsterdam 661.

The TWSTD Producers Masterclass will be held on next May 26th at Studio 80 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event starts at 20 hours, admission is €10. More information about this event and a link to the ticket service can be found on the TWSTd website.


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