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Max for Live: The Monolake Granulator

In this video Robert Henke (alias Monolake) shows his Monolake Granulator for Max for Live. Henke is one of the founders of Ableton and closely involved with the development of Max for Live, a modular package for Ableton Live. In the month April there is a special offer for Ableton Live Suite with Max for Live. It is interesting to see and hear the possibilities of granular synthesis, where sound is made from a very small audio sample. Continue reading

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Heptode Deep Crunch and Heavy Tone – free guitar effects

Apart from commercial news on the Musikmesse there are also some goodies available this week. The French company Heptode has two free VST effects on its website. Deep Crunch and Heavy Tone are virtual versions of the Heptode guitar effect pedals. Continue reading

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Roland Quad-Capture USB 2.0 Audio Interface revealed

The Musik Messe 2011 is now in full swing. This is apparent by the many product introductions, both in the software and hardware area. This week Roland introduced the new Jupiter-80, a beautiful hardware synthesizer that will cost thousands of dollars. Hopefully, the Quad-Capture USB 2.0 Audio Interface is priced more customer friendly, because it seems an interesting interface for the home studio. Continue reading

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A while ago the online magazine asked its readers to their ultimate synthesizer. The result of this reader survey, the Tyrell synthesizer, was presented last November. The online magazine is now trying to interest hardware manufacturers to make a hardware version of this synthesizer. The software version is already finished and launched under the name Tyrell Nexus 6. It is made ​​by U-he, one of today’s best VST plug-in makers. Continue reading

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Orange OPC: pc with build-in guitar amp available late April

It’s a guitar amplifier. No, it’s a PC. No, it’s a PC with a built-in guitar amp! The Orange OPC is a very remarkable music computer. Probably at least one of the best sounding PCs. Continue reading

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SoundPrism Pro: convert iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into wireless midi controller

Audanika Prism Sound has launched SoundPrism Pro for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. SoundPrism lets you easily create harmonies on the mobile touchscreen devices from Apple. The Pro version introduces wireless and USB support for playing hardware synthesizers, or for controlling software instruments in your DAW. Continue reading

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