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Arturia introduces MicroBrute

Arturia introduces the MicroBrute. It’s an easy to program analogue synth with lots of possibilities including cv and costs 299 euro.

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Spire – competition for Sylenth

Reveal Sound has released Spire, a modern sounding synthesizer which is perfect for making dance music. The sound reminds of Sylenth, as can be heard in the videos below. Spire also has FM synthesis and many additional waveforms. This VST instrument asks more CPU cycles than other plug-ins, but Reveal Sound has plans to reduce CPU usage. Until September 15th, Spire costs 69 euro (excluding VAT). The final price will be increased to 139 euro.

Introduction of Spire:

Hypersaw emulation with the built-in unison:

SoundCloud demos:

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Syntorial – create your own synth patches

The new software Syntorial teaches you step by step how to program a synthesizer. It allows you to program the patches by ear. The idea is to create the exact sounds you have going on in your head. Synthorial is introduced in the video below:

Thor Demystified
Synthorial costs $ 100, but you can also find free information about programming synthesizers on the Internet. A few years ago I have learned a lot from the 17-part course Thor Demystified by Gordon Reid. It is still available on the website of Propellerhead Software.

This course shows the full potential of Thor, the great synthesizer which is part of Reason. In addition to a clear explanation of Thor, Gordon Reid also provides an excellent introduction to programming synthesizers in general. Reid discusses several synthesis variants. These are not only the subtractive variant, but also FM- and wavetable synthesis.

A license for Reason is not necessarily needed to follow this course. You can also use the demo of Reason 7, which is installed by default after full installation of the package. Possibly, you can even save Thor patches and open them again, but I’m not sure. If you have an iPad, you can also use the app Thor, which Propellerhead released a while ago.

Another option for learning programming your own synth patches is The secrets of subtractive synthesis “The 4 Element Synth”. This is a recent course on subtractive synthesis by the Dutch synthesizer developer Rob Papen, see also this promo video:

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How to fix a dented speaker cone

How to fix a dented speaker? This question is answered by Cnet in the video below. It seems that in some cases you can also use your mouth instead of the vacuum cleaner.

Via: wire to the ear

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TouchAble 2 coming soon

The app TouchAble 2 is available soon for iPad. This app provides an affordable alternative to the Push Controller for Ableton Live. The price is € 22. The update is free for current users of this app. More information can be found on the website of TouchAble.

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